Social Proof Insurance

If your friends trust you, we trust you.

InsurePal is a next generation of peer-to-peer insurance based on social proof endorsements, fully harnessing the power of blockchain innovation.

It aims to become the world’s first insurance service offering trust to members of the crypto community when transacting products and services.



Insurance of tomorrow

InsurePal aims to become a first-of-a-kind blockchain-based decentralized insurance platform powered by social proof guarantee. InsurePal is a next generation of peer-to-peer insurance based on social proof endorsements, fully harnessing the power of blockchain innovation. It will serve as a replacement for insurances as we know and offer a completely new type of coverage for areas of life and business that began to emerge with the evolution of blockchain and transactions being carried out on the distributed ledger.



The science of social proof

Social proof is a natural, in-built mechanism within all of us, representing people`s moral compass. In other words, people reference the behavior of others to guide their own behavior. InsurePal embeds social proof in a form of financial commitment. The endorser who financially guarantees for someone has to use its own due diligence when providing the guarantee to at the risk of losing their money. Through such endorsements and guarantees, the network in whole becomes more risk aware, consequently inducing a change of people’s behavior.



Worldwide patent

This is the first time we have successfully reinvented the social proof for insurance industry. The innovative approach has been filed for patent protection in US and worldwide. Insurance play a vital role in society and its proper function is imperative. To prevent unfair competition, it is at large subjected to tight regulation and unified standards. For that, we make it our imperative that InsurePal abides with all the regulatory requirements. This way our policyholders can always rely they are safe and covered.

7.6 billion world population
28 million remain uninsured in U.S. only $45 billion lost annually in the U.S & Europe because of fraud $386 a person could save yearly on a car insurance


7 trillion
total addressable market
70 billion
expected market share
average blockchain transactions per day
of all fraudulent claims go undetected



Rather than insurances accommodating irresponsible clients, we’re building a platform that connects diligent individuals and helps them conclude mutual insurance.

The thing that makes InsurePal fundamentally different is the complete switch in paradigm. We think of blockchain as an ideal architecture for our innovation. Its implementation has a long-term horizon to fundamentally simplify the business processes and build a highly customer-centric product that is designed for the benefit of each diligent individual.



InsurePal will provide a customer-centric experience, allowing the end-users to easily navigate through the process and obtain the most favorable premium via their mobile dAPP.


InsurePal will act as a global platform, providing various social proof insurance modules. Interested third-parties will be able to use it stand-alone providers with a predetermined fee.

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12 June 2018 - Slovenia

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